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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Accelerated Reader

My kids have been bugging me like crazy lately when it came to how many more books they needed to read before they earned their A.R. T-Shirt. (At the school I work at each grade level has a certain amount of AR points the kids need to receive before they earn an AR t-shirt. For second grade, the goal is 50 points, or 100 half point books.) If your school doesn't do t-shirts, or big goals, you could do something like this for monthly goals. I have the kids keep track of how  many more books they need to read by themselves. The kids just simply color in a box after they've passed an A.R. test.  The kids were excited to see how many more books they needed to read before they met their goal, and they love coloring in the boxes! I have the kids keep the worksheet in their data notebooks.

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