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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chalkboard Contact Paper: Word wall or bulletin board?

I need your help! I just covered one of my bulletin boards with chalkboard contact paper. I was planning on using it for a growing word wall. I was going to add words as we learn them. Is it silly to write them on there? OR should I use my creation for something else? I like it, but I wanted some other teachers' opinions. :) Any help is greatly appreciated!



***If you want Chalkboard Contact Paper you can find it at Amazon.Com. It runs between $5 and $7 for a 18 inch by 6 foot roll.
 You can find the link here: Chalkboard Contact Paper on Amazon


  1. I think it is a great idea! Maybe the students can write the words. Assign each student their own letter and then have them be responsible for writing the words of the letter they are assigned. Or better yet, make a game of having them select their letter from a bag or something and have them tell you a word then and there that begins with that letter. BTW, I want some of that contact paper, where did you find it?

    1. Rita, I LOVE the idea of having the kids have their own letter AND your idea about the game! I'm going to steal it! :)

      I found the contact paper on Amazon for $5 ($7 with shipping). The rolls come in a 18 inch by 6 foot roll. For my bulletin board I used 3 rolls.

  2. Thanks! That is seriously cool paper with much potential!!! Can't wait to get me some!!! Let me know how it goes...

    1. I was so excited when I came across it! ha ha! Us teachers get excited about the smallest things! lol. I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

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  5. Hi Callen! Your wall looks great! We have done it both ways (adding words and starting with some up there already). We use our word wall All.The.Time! We started out with the common first grade sight words but then added as we went. We reference it continuously and have kids finds words as they come up etc. They use glasses, word windows, red lazer beam light, etc. The more we reference it, the more they use it. Hope that helps :)
    ~Christy & Tammy